Shrimps, Pancetta, Mushrooms , Leek – Tagliatelle

One day I saw some beautiful shrimps and decided to have them for dinner, but silly me didn’t grab enough for the whole family and it was too late to get back to the store. So i opened the fridge and found some mushrooms, pancetta , leek … and since pasta is never missing from my cabinets i decided to go for some tagliatelle.


I started by preparing the shrimps, threw them in a bowl and sprinkled half of lemon juice and a little bit of crushed garlic. Covered the bowl with some foil and set them in the fridge for half an hour.


Meanwhile, I got started on my vegetables:

Everything was prepped so it was time to start cooking. I grabbed the wok and i started with quickly cooking the shrimp as they are so delicate and can easily overcook.


After removing the shrimps, in all that garlic-lemony flavor I added the chopped leek but also a little bit of hot pepper and let it cook for just a minute. Afterwards it was time to throw in the mushrooms and pancetta:


At this point the water was ready for the pasta, and I dropped a can of diced tomatoes in the wok. Let’s not forget to taste for salt and pepper at this point:


After a good seasoning with some extra cheese sprinkled on top (and underneath 🙂 ) , dinner is ready


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